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This gorgeous girl is our Dilly the other half of the Dog Gone Duo, she is a blue roan show cocker like her brother Charlie boy. Dilly is also 4 years old but is older than her brother by 3 months, he is her brother from another mother! She is a beautiful girl who is highly intelligent and is a mummy's girl, she loves nothing better than sitting on my knee and having her chin tickled, its all about being fussed over in Dilly's world.

She is very much like a cat and loves nothing better than getting cosy and having a good snooze, Dilly likes to be comfortable and has her own favourite chair in the lounge. She can be a lazy girl but loves going for a walk and is very vocal when her collar and lead comes out. Dilly loves water and will always find some when we are out and about, she loves swimming and is a real water baby.

Dilly is a good girl and likes to please, she is very obedient and does as she is told

(unlike her brother)....... She will do anything for a treat and is always ready to eat.

Dilly is an independent girl and although she loves her brother very much is happy to chill out on her own and have a bit of space to herself. She is a tough little cookie and isn't scared of anything, she is also very friendly and enjoys socialising with other dogs when we are out and about.


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