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The Dog-Gone Duo

As you can see from the photo below we have 2 water babies and as we live near the sea they are always desperate to get into the water.

Dilly and Charlie Boy are a great little duo and love each other very much. We got Dilly first and when Dilly was 6 months old we decided to get Charlie Boy. People were quite shocked as they say you should wait at least a year before getting another but I wanted to Dilly to have a little brother so she wouldn't be lonely. It was quite hard going in the beginning as they would wake one another up and start wrestling and play fighting anytime from 6am in the morning, this happened for a good 8 months ..... but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Dilly had been a dream to train and was even walking to heel off lead but when Charlie boy arrived she did go a bit backwards, he on the other hand was a nightmare to train..... Having had Dilly who is as bright as a button and cottoned on to everything really quickly it was a bit of a shock to then have Charlie boy who is very laid back and wasn't too bothered by any rules whatsoever! We initially put it down to him being the runt of the litter and maybe this made him a bit slower when learning, but with time and patience he gradually learnt and is now a really good boy.........most of the time.

They have a fantastic relationship and fret when the other isn't there although Dilly frets less than Charlie boy! They play all the time, chase each other, wrestle and play fight and its a joy to see, they are never too far away from each other and are very happy little dogs. They love to socialise with other dogs and I feel proud when one of my dog walkers asks me if she can socialise her puppies with them as there really good with them.

They both love having adventures and wind themselves up when they realise we are packing to go off in the campervan, as soon as you open the door they are in and raring to go, we regularly go to Cornwall which they love amongst other places all around the UK.

I'm so glad we got 2 as they look after each other, they are such fun and bring so much joy and pleasure to our lives. My heart bursts each time I look at them.


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