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The Five Freedoms

The five freedoms are part of the animal welfare act and are there to protect all animals including the dogs that come in to visit us and other animal businesses.

As groomers we need to be aware of them and it is our duty of care to ensure that we provide a safe clean environment for the dogs who are coming in, to ensure that we have clean water for them to drink whilst they are in our care, to treat them with love and respect before, during and after their groom, to give them space within the grooming parlour if they need it and to allow them to interact if so desired with other dogs and of course with us.

As a business we feel that we do all of the above as we always put the needs of the dog before anything else, this includes making the decision to clip off dogs who come in with severe matting to make sure they are comfortable and no longer in pain.

If we become aware of any discomfort during the groom, or change in behaviour we discuss this with our customers to make sure that they too are aware.

We treat all of our dogs as if they were our own including any who might be a little nervous aggressive or difficult as we feel there is usually a reason for this and we want to understand this to be able to put the dog at ease and make the grooming experience as easy as it can be for them.


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